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The PSV Coaching Academy Development Pyramid

At the PSV Coaching Academy, we believe in creating the stars of the future together. In this, our goal is not only to develop players but also coaches. Our unique development pyramid is designed to develop dedicated coaches into exceptional leaders in the game. Just like the stars on the PSV emblem, your journey through our development pyramid will be marked with achievements and milestones.

By going through the different steps within our pyramid you will discover more and more about the PSV way of working. Get to know the different stages within our Academy and get inspired by fellow coaches. While going through this pyramid we will try to constantly stimulate and inspire you.

Your journey to the next step begins today.

Level 1: Your first steps

Your journey begins with Level 1. To earn your first star, you will start working with our (online) annual program, in which you will be introduced to the PSV way of working. You can do this by participating in our online or hybrid annual program or by attending the PSV Interest Days. A two-day spectacle where you will get an insight into our soccer philosophy, training methods and the magic that sets PSV apart.

All three programs contribute to the foundation of your PSV coaching pathway. You will gain invaluable insights into the world of soccer development. You will understand the meaning of our approach and you will experience firsthand the transformative power of our methods. It's not just about learning and inspiring, it's about experiencing soccer in its purest form.

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Level 2: Expert sessions

With your first star achieved, it's time to move on. During a two-day program at our Academy, you can immerse yourself in one of the different phases within our Academy.

  • Undergrad (Two Days): Dive into the world of player development for ages O10-O12;
  • Middle School (Two Days): Travel with us as we mentor players ages O13-O16;
  • Upper School (Two Days): For ages O17-O21 (Young PSV);
  • Goalkeepers (One Day): Discover the secrets of goalkeeper development and refine your expertise in this specialized field;
  • Women's Soccer (One Day): Gain valuable insights into coaching women's teams, a field where talent knows no bounds. Understand the nuances of coaching in a diverse and dynamic environment.

In Level 2, you not only absorb knowledge, but forge connections. You will join a community of coaches who share your passion, and together you will inspire each other to reach new heights.

Level 3: Mentorship

With at least one expert session in your pocket, you are ready to explore Level 3 - Mentorship. This customized three-month program is designed to refine your coaching talent. Get online guidance from a PSV Academy coach and refine your skills and techniques.

Mentorship isn't just about lessons; it's about a shared journey. Your mentor will be a seasoned PSV coach, providing you with personalized guidance. Together, you'll analyze matches, dissect strategies, and delve deep into the intricacies of coaching. It's a period of personal growth and self-discovery as you evolve into a well-rounded coach.

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Level 4: Internship (By Invitation)

For those who successfully complete the Mentorship, the pinnacle awaits - Level 4, the Internship. This exclusive two-week program invites you to join our academy teams and showcase your coaching abilities on the grandest stage. It's an invitation for a select few, but the possibilities are endless.

Here, you become a part of the PSV Coaching Academy family, working alongside seasoned professionals. It's an opportunity to put your knowledge and skills into action, proving your coaching mettle. Impress us, surpass our expectations, and you might find yourself among the elite coaching ranks at PSV.

Your journey through the Development Pyramid is not just about earning stars; it's about igniting your coaching passion and honing your skills. Join us, and together, we'll shape the future of football. Dare to dream, dare to coach, and dare to unlock your potential at the PSV Coaching Academy.