The Academy

The Academy

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Our training facility 'PSV Campus De Herdgang' is located on the outskirts of Eindhoven in a wooded area. The training ground consists of several pitches, some with artificial turf, and extensive training facilities, including a fitness centre and indoor sports hall. PSV Campus De Herdgang, just five kilometres north of the Philips Stadium and Eindhoven city centre, is not only the training facility for PSV's first team; the youth and PSV Women also play their home matches here.

To achieve PSV's sporting ambitions, the club's own youth academy is of significant importance, especially considering the financial differences between the major football countries in Europe and the Netherlands. The objectives of the youth policy, which has been reinforced since July 1, 2013, primarily focus on the transition of youth players into the PSV A-selection.

Individual talent development takes center stage within the PSV Academy through six developmental pillars. This process involves intensive personal guidance and employs innovations in various areas. For each player, the aim is to reach their personal football ceiling within a high-performance environment, where the PSV culture is preserved within the playing style and a unique way of working.

A player's journey within the PSV Academy is divided into three phases: Foundation (training on-site) from O10 to O12, Middle-Building (O13 to O16), and the Professional Plan from O17 onwards. Each phase has its own specific focus, with the player's development at the core, aimed at their eventual transition to the PSV A-selection.

Our 'Legacy'

PSV was founded on August 31, 1913, at the end of a major Philips sports festival in honor of the 100th anniversary of Dutch independence. The football department was one of many within the club.

Introduction to Paid Football

PSV has been competing in the Dutch league since 1914; they were promoted to the Eerste Divisie within ten years and have consistently been a top club since 1926. Professional football was introduced in 1955, and shortly thereafter, PSV became the first Dutch club to participate in the Coupe Européenne, the precursor to the current UEFA Champions League.


PSV has a strong history of success and an impressive list of achievements. They first captured the Dutch title in 1929 and won their first title after the introduction of professional football in 1963, after a 5–2 victory. In total they became champions twenty-four times and won the KNVB Cup eleven times. PSV also won the national Super Cup fourteen times. PSV has been participating in European competitions since 1974. The first highlight was winning the UEFA Cup in 1978, in which Willy van der Kuylen played a major role. It was the prelude to a new period with many sporting successes. In the 1980s, PSV's stars won even more trophies: between 1986 and 1992 they won the Dutch title six times and the KNVB Cup three times. In addition, PSV won the Champions League in 1988 and Eindhoven is still the smallest city to ever win this prize.

Big Stars

PSV gained global recognition for their successes, which contributed to attracting several prominent players. It all began with the signing of Brazilian stars Romário and Ronaldo, who joined PSV because the scouting network proved to be a rewarding venture. This was followed by a host of international top players, including Cocu, Van Nistelrooy, Robben, Van Bommel, Alex, Gomes, Farfán, just to name a few.

Are you ready to create the stars of tomorrow?

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